Welcome to the website of SeisPM

After a long career in a variety of disciplines in the Oil & Gas industry, which after my obligatory military services with the Dutch Royal Engineers started with a 5 year international oriented job with Fugro B.V., followed by 30 years with Royal Dutch Shell, I accepted Shell's voluntary severance package in October 2016. I then decided to continue the type of work in which I became a reputable professional through my own company named SeisPM, founded in November 2016.

In short, SeisPM offers the management of any Seismic Acquisition Project, Land or Marine, 2D, 3D or 4D. But my specialty is to manage 3D Land Seismic Projects in remote and difficult environments, such as my most recent assignments for Shell in Russia and Iraq.

The services I offer cover a wide spectrum, ranging from general geophysical advice, coaching, lecturing (operations, project management), to manage a complete seismic acquisition project from A to Z, including framing, survey design, scouting, hazard identification, stakeholder management, liaison with governmental entities and NGO's, leading an integrated project team and managing the actual operations including the quality control of the geophysical data processing.
In case you need support or advice or both, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hans Dijkerman